StartupStudio awarded the ‘Best Incubator Non-Tech Founders’

StartupStudio awarded the ‘Best Incubator Non-Tech Founders’
March 19, 2020 admin
How non-tech founders are getting their app idea funded & developed from StartupStudio

How non-tech founders are getting their app idea funded & developed from StartupStudio

Incubators are helping entrepreneurs resolve problems of running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training. The objective of a startup incubator is to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Startups like Y-combinator and 500 startups have helped build success stories of Dropbox, Airbnb, etc. But most major incubators help founders who have already launched their MVP or prototype. Hence a lot of founders or budding entrepreneurs who are not equipped with technical knowledge of venturing into technological startups.
StartupStudio is one of the few incubators across the world where innovators can get the necessary guidance & resources to build the next million-dollar idea. There are many other international incubators that are helping startups to get mentoring, investment & other resources however, most incubators are hesitant in backing projects at the idea stage. StartupStudio is a little different in this regard as most ideas funded by StartupStudio are apps that are only at the idea stage.

Over the last one year, StartupStudio has funded smartphone app ideas such as Gameform, CardXe,, and Locumotive. All these ideas got funded at the idea stage and were developed by an experienced team of designers and developers that has launched over 100 apps in the last 5 years. With multiple locations in innovation ecosystems around the globe, StartupStudio collaborates with founders and startups to quickly run workshops for idea refinement, MVP development and prototyping solutions using big data and lean experimentation to design products and launch quickly to meet evolving market demand.

Dr. Evan Luthra, Chief Technology Officer for StartupStudio, commented, “Technology is a fast-paced & brutal market with unlimited opportunities. People with ideas and initiative are the engines for technology advancement & through StartupStudio we are determined to provide them with technological assistance & funding which shall act as fuel to drive forward movement of ideas.”
StartupStudio has recently incubated & launched apps such as
GameForm : A mobile gaming platform with multiple simple games and unique proposition of being able to win cash prizes which is not available on any other gaming platform.
CardXe : A mobile application that allows users to design and share e-visiting cards. Since most visiting cards get lost or end up in trash cans, CardXe ensures that e-visiting cards shared via the app are saved on the smartphones of prospects with full detail of your business and contact.
GetIn : Getin App facilitates users to get on VIP Guest Lists of Clubs, Lounges, sports events & any occasion without ever having to stay in waiting lines. A cell phone will be your concierge, ticket & party planner with the Getin App. The clubs & event organizers can also use the GetIn app to manage access of guests.
Locumotive : The app is a one of a kind solution for Locums( Medical Practitioners working at different locations on a time-based contract). Locums can find jobs based on locations, best payout and ratings to get the best value for their expertise while also getting information about the latest CET events and courses.
Minas : An open platform for real estate investments where developers can crowdfund their projects & share value with investors automatically. The small value investors can take advantage of secure investment opportunities in real estate and add to their portfolio.
The ultimate objective of the StartupStudio team is to connect with innovators with an entrepreneurial bent of mind & turning their ideas into valuable products. In return, StartupStudio gets the opportunity of venturing into new markets and capture insights for building sustainable models of success.
In the words of entrepreneur whiz kid Michael Liu “It is amazing to see the incredible success that StartupStudio has achieved for themselves & projects funded by StartupStudio. Their business model of working with entrepreneurs from non-tech backgrounds is groundbreaking & I look forward to investing with them in the near future.”
The StartupStudio team is currently accepting new applications for investment considerations on the official


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